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NORDSEE is united by a

steadfast set of core values – we deliver products of the highest quality, we relentlessly strive to provide outstanding equipment and project support, and we come through for our customers no matter what.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) awareness are fundamental core values at NORDSEE . Our philosophy is mandated throughout the entire international company. Every employee is trained to be actively involved in observing and upholding our QHSE values at all times.




NORDSEE is equipment is the finest and most advanced technology in the industry. Our Quality Control Program exceeds specifications three times above recommended manufacturer’s standards. Every piece of equipment at NORDSEE has a marked timeline history through barcodes and can be tracked by location and maintenance. Every unit is diligently tested and maintained for superior performance. Furthermore, our products are accompanied with full documentation of compliance and the appropriate quality standards, including global industry criteria.

NORDSEE ’s products are manufactured to meet domestic and international standards with DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3, EN12079, IMDG (T-11), T7, T4, ASME VIII, IBC, IM101, MPT, USCGA, ISO, UN31H2/HM-181E NORMAN 05/DPC, ANTT Resolution 420, USDOT and UN31A certifications.


NORDSEE ’s Health and Safety objective is to execute a safe and hazard-free operational environment through weekly safety presentations, training as well as employee awareness, participation and mindset. NORDSEE strives to prevent incidents before they happen. At NORDSEE , health and safety will never be compromised because no job is so vital that it cannot be done in a safe and effective manner.

To further enhance our safety efforts, we developed the NORDSEE Safety Orange Identification solution to create great visibility of our products. 


NORDSEE is dedicated to operating our business in ways that reduce or prevent the adverse impact on the environment. Our efforts include minimizing the use of harmful resources in our products and recycling where possible. Our goal is to protect NORDSEE personnel, clients, vendors and future generations from a depleted ecological system.