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DNV Supply Vessel Pipe Rack

Product Description : > TIGER DNV SUPPLY VESSEL PIPE RACK SPEC SHEET Product Size : 6680mm x 1295mm x 2570mm (LxWxH) Product Weight : 4535 kg
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Sling & Rigging Management Program

Product Description : Equipment Nylon slings: 2, 4, & 6 part lifting assemblies, shackles, come-a-longs, and chain falls. 1st and 2nd inventory packages will be all new equipment. 3rd and
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30′ Pipe Slings & Pipe Racks

Product Description : > TIGER 30′ Pipe Slings & Pipe Racks Spec Sheet   Product Size : 2540mm x 1062mm x 1143mm (LxWxH) Product Weight : 1815 kg
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