Standard NDT methods


magnetic particle - liquid penetrat - ultrasonic testing - Eddy Current (ET)

Additional NDT methods

Wire - Other Methods

We are certified as an inspection organization . We can supply:

•Visual Inspection

•Magnetic Particle Inspection

•Liquid Penetrant Inspection

•Ultrasonic Inspection

•Corrosion/Thickness Surveys

•Surface Eddy Current Testing

•Tubular Eddy Current and Remote Field Testing

•IRIS Tube Inspection

•Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Testing

•Hardness Testing

•Electromagnetic Wire Rope Testing

•Vacuum Box Testing of Welds

All our inspections are under the direction of a Professional Engineer so that we can provide solutions when problems are encountered.

Whether your needs stem from heavy machinery, building structures, storage tanks, boilers, piping, pressure vessels, or other process equipment, call us for a detailed quotation tailored to your needs.



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